Outdoor photo sessions

pałac w konarach

The beauty of the świętokrzyskie lands and our garden

The beauty of our garden will perfectly fill every frame of the outdoor session. Whether you want to capture the tenderness of love in a bridal session, spontaneity and joy in family photography, or elegance and depth in a portrait, our garden landscape will provide the perfect atmosphere. Our picturesque gardens will make your photos gain not only in aesthetics, but also in emotional appeal.

Your wedding session in the lap of nature

hotel busko zdrój

Beauty of świętokrzyskie surroundings

pałac w konarach

Charming pathways

sala konferencyjna busko zdrój

Decoration elements

hotel pod kielcami

The photographer of your choice

pałac w konarach

We organize photo sessions

A unique outdoor session near Kielce- we invite you to organize a variety of events and sessions


pałac w konarach

Outdoor session at the Konary Palace

Take advantage of the opportunity to do an outdoor session near Kielce, in picturesque gardens. Our palace complex offers a variety of photogenic settings, from charming alleys to romantic corners with blooming flowers. Immortalize special moments in the circumstances of nature. During outdoor sessions at our hotel, the client is responsible for arranging their own photographer. It is possible to prepare the decorations yourself or we can help organize the decorations.

pałac w konarach

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