pałac w konarach

Organize an event at the Konary Palace

Located in a picturesque landscape near Kielce, our Konary Palace is an ideal setting for business, charity, training or events. Professional service, comfortable and elegant interiors, delicious cuisine, original solutions, staff support, flexibility and creativity are just a few of the advantages that we guarantee for the organization of various types of events.  Great experience and rich facilities at our disposal, in addition to our commitment will make the organization of such events much easier and meet the expectations of even the most demanding.


pałac w konarach

Comfortable meeting rooms perfect for your event

Konary Palace is more than just a place for an overnight stay or a ceremony – it is also an ideal space for professional business meetings and conferences. We offer three diverse, elegantly decorated conference rooms that are perfectly suited to the needs of modern business. Each room is equipped with the latest generation of audio-visual equipment, ensuring the convenience and efficiency of each presentation. Spacious, air-conditioned and with the possibility of various arrangements, our conference rooms are the ideal place for creative workshops, intensive training sessions, as well as important business meetings.

Are you organizing an event and you want to impress your guests?

Konary Palace is a facility near Kielce that offers comprehensive conditions and attractions.

pałac w konarach


pałac w konarach

Outdoor event in a picturesque setting

We invite you to take advantage of our unique offer of outdoor events surrounded by nature. The Konary Palace is not only beautiful interiors, but also a vast, well-kept garden, which is an ideal place for outdoor events. Our barbecue house is the perfect space for informal gatherings, corporate events or family celebrations. We offer comprehensive services, from venue preparation to catering to assisting in planning the entire event. Thanks to the picturesque setting and our attention to detail, every event in our garden becomes a unique experience that stays in the memory of guests for a long time.